Read these TWO  4.5 Star books for FREE over Easter!

Enjoy this Anzac soldier’s true story. No Ordinary Man is a gripping true story about an Anzac soldier’s struggle with love and war and the secrets of his double life.

Readers comments : “Riveting from Cover to Cover.”  “Mick is an extraordinary, multi-faceted man – bullied child, brave and resourceful soldier, skilled cabinet-maker, illicit lover, and estranged father. It is a novel which evokes considerable pathos and it is a story that is gently yet undeniably touching.”

BUT wait there’s more… popular book Duplicity also about living a secret double life is FREE of the Easter Holidays too!

Reader comment: “I couldn’t put Duplicity down. I found the subject completely believable and very compelling. Even though I was captivated by her first book, Nicky’s tension building skills and her ability to convey the sexuality of the characters show her writing prowess is increasing every day. The authenticity of each book is underlined by the fact that she uses real life situations to build her stories upon.Engross yourself in this captivating story.”

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Enjoy the long weekend!  Even if it rains you can escape to another person’s intriguing life!

Have fun and don’t eat too many chocolate bunnies!