Some books on a FREE Test Run from 22nd to the 27th August 2023.

Put an alert in your phone to read Crow’s Song and No Ordinary man for FREE.

My new psychological thriller, The Foster Mother, will be reduced from $5.99 to only 99 cents during this Free Test Run across the same five days.

Here’s what readers are saying:


This is my newly released psychological thriller/ domestic suspense about a psychopath and the foster mother who looks after her neglected baby.

“Long after you have put the book down, haunting images remain – such is the power and pull of Nicky’s words in ‘No Ordinary Man’. She has a sound grasp of her characters and the storyline of a war that impacted the entire world. What surprised me was the level of compassion and the resolution of this compelling story.” Amazon Reviewer


Historical WWII love story between two teens who meet after the war and the journey they take to a new life and love.

“I am still swimming in the energy of this powerfully written book. It is poignant, heart wrenching and masterful in its imagery. As I read the final few chapters I couldn’t help but feel the relevance of your book today with the Russia/Ukraine conflict.” Amazon Reviewer


A solider’s struggle with his identity during gate 1930s to the 1960’s – a true story.

“No Ordinary Man had me riveted from cover to cover. An amazing insight into this fascinating man’s life, loves and tragedies. I was disappointed when it finished.” Amazon Reviewer

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