Do you ever wonder about your genetic ancestry?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you might be surprised to find out that your genetic ancestry shares a bit of DNA with Neanderthals.

It turns out that about 23 percent of humans carry traces of Neanderthal genes, hinting at some intriguing intermingling between our species and our prehistoric cousins. Talk about a nod and a wink, right?

Interestingly enough, my husband and I discovered that we each have a tiny 0.03% Neanderthal genetic ancestry. It’s almost like we’re a perfect match, thanks to the wonders of modern genetic testing, courtesy of

Recently, an article in The New York Times caught my attention, shedding light on a research study suggesting that Neanderthals were early risers. I suppose the saying holds true – the early bird catches the mammoth! How researchers arrived at that conclusion is beyond me, but it’s certainly food for thought. And speaking of early risers, my day typically kicks off around 5 am, with my husband not too far behind, making his way to the coffee machine by 6:00 am.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m sharing all this with you. It might sound like I’m delving into some peculiar research for a future book, perhaps exploring cross-species love affairs? But alas, that’s not the case. Instead, I find myself indulging my curious mind while eagerly awaiting the final professional edit of my upcoming psychological thriller, “Whisper Island.” Ah, the freedom from deadlines, finally able to step away from the laptop and immerse myself in a world of diverse interests.

Lately, I’ve been diving into documentaries on YouTube, delving into the world of Neanderthals and the fascinating new evidence suggesting that they were far more intelligent and resilient than previously thought. Archaeologists have unearthed hunting tools and clothing, painting a picture of a sophisticated and organised society. It’s a refreshing perspective on a group of beings once maligned as sub-human, closer to wild animals than to us. Personally, I like to think of Neanderthals as my ancient relatives – intelligent, gentle souls who lived in close-knit communities, just like us.

So, if you’re someone who embraces the early hours of the day, perhaps you, too, share in this rich genetic tapestry. And if you ever decide to take a genetic test, you might be surprised at the results of your genetic ancestry, the diverse mix that makes up each individual – even us Neanderthals were part of the grand mosaic of humanity.

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