Getting the Job Done

I am working on two books this year – my 2020 goals!

If it’s anything like my exercising and healthy eating goals, I won’t stand a chance.

But I’ve committed myself to churn out 2,000 words a day on my new book, “Sophia,” which I started in December last year. So far, I am up to 44,000 words. YES, you’re right. I don’t have a life! I need around 65-70,000 words. There’s no other way than forcing myself in front of my laptop every day.

The real title will be Restoration Project – a new stand-alone book about another controversial character. Based on a true story of someone I interviewed when I was a journalist years ago. I tested the concept with a couple of close friends to see if it really has legs. They both were delighted and can’t wait to read the real thing.

Anyway, I have the book to write, the cover to action, the back cover blurb to complete and endless admin to battle through, in amongst the real-life struggle of domestique duties! Feeling the pressure and January hasn’t even finished yet!

ENJOY 2020!