Getting readers to leave book reviews on line is the toughest job

The world’s largest book retailer makes it tough to get independently verified readers to leave a book review online. Which makes it tougher to improve an author’s rankings and attract new sales. So a catch-22 that never used to exist until the online feeding frenzy took over.

I’ve copied the rating for my four contemporary fiction books which average 4.8. That’s good but I need more reviews online. Thanks to those who have commented on my website – much appreciated, of course. But they don’t count for much when Amazon (USA, UK and Australia), is where the ratings and reviews really matter.

If you are a member of Amazon and have read one of my books – and hopefully enjoyed it – please write a one line comment (no pressure write screeds and star rate) This really makes a difference in getting their algorithms to notice my work! THANKS everyone!