How Much Sh*t Is An Overload?

It’s almost New Year so it’s time to let go of all the accumulated sh*t that stuck to you during 2019. Take a big breath and let it go.

I should know. I live in a bird house. A grapevine on our deck is home to 30 nesting birds. That means my home reverberates with noise from birds, their kids refusing to fly the coop and I’m eyebrow deep in all the poop those 30 bird families download hourly. Sh*t everywhere!

After sweeping the deck AGAIN and brushing encrusted bird poop off the wall AGAIN and off the fences AGAIN, the ranch-sliders and window ledges AGAIN, I told my husband. ‘I quit! These birds go or I do!’ Shocked, he took a moment to wipe the sweat and bird poop from his eyebrows and said: ‘OK, we’ll remove the vine after they’ve flown away.’ (He said that last year too!)

At the end of the fledgling season (about Mid-Feb) we’re going to tear that old vine down and destroy their homes (they build new nests every year),and tell them to piss-off and do their shitty thing in the native bush nearby. It’s not that our deck vine is the only tree in town. We live next to a farm covered in native trees and exotic forest. What part of nest next door do they not understand? So yes, looking forward to less sh*t in the New Year. Bring it on 2020!

Take a feather out of my nest and tell all those sh*tty things that happened to you, over the past 12 months, to Poop-off and start with a nice clean deck to build a whole new you for 2020. Now that’s a true uplifting adventure!