I’m easily bored so if a book doesn’t appeal by page fifty, I quit reading.

I don’t bother reviewing it either. I understand the hard work, sweat and tears that goes into producing 80,000 words or more. If it’s not my cup of tea – I don’t drink it!

It’s one of the reasons I write, because I can escape into other worlds and other people’s lives… and avoid boredom. 

Most writers depend on their real life experience to regenerate emotional angst and injury and apply it to their stories. Their characters can be people able to write such emotionally charged stories that hook readers from the start. In my endless pursuit of creating a bestseller I purge my past and weld together unusual traits and tricky situations to weave a plausible story.

I’ve experienced situations where true-life is weirder than fiction! Reworking the lives around me into a convincing story is still the challenge I love the most. It’s my passion and I write in the hope that readers gain some value. What like?

Understanding conflict and confrontation and why we “could” get some insight from others, appreciate people who struggle with life and learn lessons about how to manage different conflicts and get a better outcome through better listening and communicating.

I’m a Multi Genre shifter and read a wide variety of books across different genres. Life isn’t plain sailing, so it makes sense, to me, to write across different genre. This goes completely against everything authors are told.  To be a successful writer you need to find your groove, your genre and stay in your lane to attract like-minded readers.

I’ve chosen the road less travelled, by writing, romance, historical, crime, biographical, psychological, thriller, and suspense.

If you get bored reading the same genre, then you really get bored out of your pea-brain writing the same tropes in the same genre.

I’m not risking what little sanity I have left, by going down the path of following the norm! This makes my writing career ten times harder, but I keep plugging away and hope some of my stories will catch your attention. Readers are now warming up to my work, and I’m grateful for all the wonderful readers who leave reviews. I am eternally grateful, because this helps encourage new readers to take a chance and read one of my books too.

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