Nicky Webber New Zealand Author

It’s All in the Blurb – Book One

I’ve been doing some research into back cover blurbs and mine needs changing! I’ll be updating the blurb on Amazon and see if that helps first before I change the back cover on the printed paperback versions! Here’s the NEW Blurb:

Book One: Married –  Just Not to Each Other.

When Alex Jones’ wife suddenly dies, it makes perfect sense to invite him into Amira and Fred’s marriage. After all, they have been life-long friends. But hiding their secret arrangement from the outside world is no easy task.

Set in California and New Zealand, can this threesome love and laugh together for the rest of their lives? At first, happily, ever-after looks possible. But Fred Davis struggles to suppress his jealousy and resentment. Can she love two husbands for better or for worse?

This love story challenges the norm where ordinary friends embark on an extraordinary affair, and the past reveals the true nature of the emotional tempest simmering between the surface of these intriguing characters.

Can Fred ever forgive their infidelity and enjoy the love bonds they’ve shared for a lifetime? 

This is Book One of In the Deep End Series and the follow-on, Book Twocontinues with this captivating family saga.

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