It’s called the LARK because it’s been a Lark to write!

I’m feverishly writing my next new contemporary fiction book, the Lark, and broke past 40,000 words today!

It’s about two sisters who inherit the family farm after their parents die in a tragic accident. All the elements for a fast paced, suspenseful read. It’s also based on a true story. The use of Lark as a title is to indicate the story is a bit of a lark and also a nod to the bird named Lark. It’s only a working title, so my very generous and helpful Beta Readers may come up with some better ideas after I’ve posted-off the manuscript. It’s going to be a second-chance love story, with crime, suspense threads all the way through. I feel as if I am channelling the older sister, Laura, as every time I sit down at my laptop the story pours out and I rattle away on the keyboard at a pace.

I’ll copy a couple of early chapters over the next few weeks to keep you all on your toes.

In other news, my new book Crow’s Song is going really well and the largest book distributor in New Zealand contacted me, last week, to supply them with copies, some will be for schools. Very exciting.

Anyway enough waffling here – I need to get back to the Larking story!