Nicky Webber New Zealand Author

It’s All in the Blurb – Book Two

After researching back cover blurbs I’ve discovered mine needs changing! I’ll be updating the blurb on Amazon and see if that helps first before I change the back cover on the printed paperback versions! Here’s the NEW Blurb:

Book Two: Cleverly Deceptive – Like the Truth.

Young, innocent Hawke Jones and Sacha Davis, embrace life’s adventure and each other while holidaying in New Zealand. Falling in love, when their parents share the same marriage, makes for added complications. They agree taking chances is the best way to live. Trouble is, it’s a wise man who knows his father. Questions of Hawke’s paternity haunt his relationships as he fights to resolve his heartache.

Finding ways to survive a medical trauma and burgeoning financial stress is the least of their worries. In desperation, Fred and Hawke embark on white-collar crime as the twists of fate pit hearts against heads to find solutions for them all.

Read In The Deep End – Book One, in this series to maximise your enjoyment of this fascinating contemporary novel.