Gifted Poet, Writer, and Social Commentator, Kait King, knows how to say it all.

Kait King’s creative talent is going from strength to strength with her skilful writing and original take on all things to do with Life, Love and Loss.

I’m so impressed with Kait King and her writing I asked her permission to print one of her recent poems.

With over 163,000 hits, her website has a huge following and you can read all kinds of intriguing writing from this very talented creative. Kait King focuses on a deep psychological or social message beautifully delivered and always thought provoking. Have a look at her website and you’ll see what I mean.

The following poem caught my attention this past week, and here it is for you to enjoy and feel free to share and comment on her website, The Writer’s Blogk – A New Author’s Turbulent Ride. Or search on google for Kaitkingthewriterblog

There’s an empty
bottle on the table
A lonely shoe
left on the floor
A dress flung on
the back of a chair
A damp towel hangs
on the door
There’s a shadow
in my bed and
I guess that must be me
I am the Invisible Guest
in my house
as far as I can see
I float over to my bed
to see the shadow
tucked in deep
You would never
think I was dead
I look like I’m asleep
No one knows
I’ve gone yet
No one knows
I’ve left
I’m sad to leave
my family
crying and bereft
But there’s a light
shining for me
I’m ready to walk
in to
if there’s everything
I’ve forgotten,
I’ll remember
I loved you.