I’m a Lark Starter

I’ve been plotting and planning my next new book, Lark, a story based in New Zealand about two sisters who inherit a farm – I’m a Lark Starter!

With great feedback from Crow’s Song, I’ve decided to use a similar plot structure with a contemporary story interlaced within an historical narrative. Both stories will be based on real history and true contemporary lives. Thus the large pages of scribbles to map out the inter-relationships between main characters. It helps to make sense of my own mental scramble before I start!

About 86% of my readers are based in USA and are reading my two historical WWII fiction books, No Ordinary Man, and my new book, Crow’s Song. But my biggest success to date is Duplicity – Secrets of a Decadent Double Life. It was published nearly 18 months ago and is gaining traction online with over 150 reviews and is rated 4.5-stars.

Knuckling down to Larking about, and developing new chapters before I travel overseas in August is the trick.
NO pressure!! Let the fun, blood and sweat begin!