Are the Lights Still On?

In four weeks time, I leave New Zealand to visit friends and family in South Africa, Cape Town to see if the lights are still on.

With the sad economic decline and the never ending “load shedding” a euphemism for power cuts upwards of ten hours a day… I’m beginning to wonder how I’ll be able to follow my normal morning work routine. No lights and no power for two to four hours blocks at a time.

Talk about living in interesting times!!!

The ex-CEO of ESKOM, the national power company, suggested during a recent interview that the entire power grid may need to be shut down for three-weeks to attend to urgent maintenance.

I think of New York with that 18-hour black out years ago and how crime and looters took over the CBD. During three weeks without power in South Africa, where crime and poverty are at a peak, I’ll be living my own thriller suspense. Remind me to take notes! There could be a story in this!

On the flip side I’m excited at the prospect of catching up with, my children, their spouses, and two young granddaughters. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, even if I have to revert back to Stone Age chisel and mallet to tap out my daily word quota! There’s some value in swapping a laptop for a chisel… maybe? I’ll let you know if the lights are still on when I get there. Watch this Space!

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