Based on a True Story

Crow’s Song is an uplifting Love Story of Faith and Hope for the Future.

Based on a True Story, Crow’s Song, is an uplifting Love Story of Faith and Hope for the Future.

This story recreates the war-torn childhoods of Piet and Ava Verberne, growing up in different countries during WWII. Both suffer excruciating loss and heartbreak.

They unexpectedly meet for the first time after Liberation in 1945, when their romance blossoms.

Crow’s Song is a heart-wrenching tale of Piet and Ava’s survival during one of history’s darkest periods. They can’t imagine a future without each other. But the horror of war overshadows this unlucky couple until they take the future into their own hands.

An emotional journey set against the backdrop of earth-shattering historical events. An inspiring love story of hope and faith in the future. Will these two teenagers find the courage to escape to New Zealand after surviving WWII?

Highly recommended for lovers of Beneath a Scarlet Sky, Not Without My Sister, The Nightingale, and the Tattooist of Auschwitz.

Enjoy this feel-good true story of two people growing up during WWII

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