Secrets of a Decadent Double-Life


Duplicity, Secrets of a Decadent Double Life

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This gripping fast-paced contemporary suspense is based on the true-life experiences of Sophia Huston, eldest daughter of a mega-wealthy family.

Sophia s intelligent, stunning, and speaks five languages until her billionaire father loses everything.

Determined to resurrect her wealthy lifestyle, sophisticated Sophia embarks on a secret business venture, risking everything, including her life.

At first, she begins a complicated affair with her father’s business associate. Within a year, Sophia secretly plots to live two separate lives. One in a quiet Sydney suburb working as an interior designer to camouflage her real occupation, and second, as a secret lover to several wealthy men. 

In a few years, she secures a luxurious penthouse and sets up business as a high-class mistress to seven powerful men. Each lover believes he is the one and only, and each pays Sophia a monthly retainer to keep her on-call.

Will Sophia’s duplicitous arrangement survive prying questions? How smart does she have to be to survive blackmail and manage demanding, wealthy clients?

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International Award-Winning Duplicity – Secrets of a Decadent Double Life won honorable mention and runner up in the Romance and Drama genres for fiction in the USA Top Shelf annual book awards for 2021, presented in August this year.

USA Top Shelf annual book awards for 2021, presented in August this year
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