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Push Over

A Short Story About Revenge.

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This short 21-page story is based on the reality faced by many voiceless women. It is a revenge story.

This is contemporary fiction based on true stories accumulated over the years. Some don’t believe these victims, but here is a simple revenge story, with a twist, and a happy ending!

Proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Refuge NZ.

Push Over - a Short Story by Nicky Webber



Five Star Reviews.

Current 5 – STAR Reviews from Amazon & Good Reads.

I have just read Nicky Webbers New Short Story, Push Over.

It was brilliant and kept me hooked from the start to the very astounding end! Well worth reading – I couldn’t put it down!
 Great cause too. Definitely recommend this one. (Her other books are good too)  Carolyn Boardman

“Great short story, fast paced with tension escalating from the first sentence. Was hooked immediately. An story of betrayal and revenge with a really unexpected ending. Well-crafted characters in this tightly written story. Five stars!” Peter Hutton.


Excerpt from Chapter 2

As darkness fell, a squall of grey clouds wounded the overcast skies. A cool breeze heralded rain with an icy blast from the distant Southern Alps pushing its way across the hard line of the horizon. Heavy raindrops pelted the iron roof and bled across the dry concrete deck, leeching and expanding their wetness into one another as the summer rain gained momentum.

Sophie opened the ranch-slider to suck in the clean night air and obliterate the reeking stench imprinted in her mind. She breathed in the scent of wet earth from the nearby Maungakawa forest’s decomposing undergrowth. A cold breeze blew the last of the rose petals scattering them across the neatly trimmed lawn. A loud drip repeated its heavy tone, the rhythm reminding Sophie of the overflowing downpipe and the heavy footfall of that animal as he retreated from her bedroom.

She moved back inside the lounge as torrential water pounded against the iron roof, blocking the beating sound of the leaking drip as water overloaded the gutter, pouring onto the ground below. She could see flattened grass and a mud groove with pitted drip holes scarring the soft unresisting earth, a reminder of nearby Autumn etching itself into their lives and the painful blemish that now marked her own existence.