When We Believed


When We Believed – A Novella

A love story about friendship, where secrets and betrayal, delivers forgiveness

Can friendship keep love alive or will past secrets pull them apart? 

Two couples are life-long best friends and deliver an intriguing tale as they face insurmountable odds in this heart-racing story. Lucas suspects his wife and best friend have rekindled their teenage affair. Before he can tackle the pair, he suffers a life-threatening, brutal assault at the mercy of a disgruntled and unhinged attacker. 
The incident sparks a reassessment of family values and explores the power of love and loss. The friendship between these two couples is not enough to keep their love alive as they face the emotional turmoil of betrayal and discover what matters most. 
Will Lucas tackle his wife, Ella, head on and confront her infidelity? Will she turn her back on her lover and maintain her innocence to her best friend, and lover’s wife? Jealously and intrigue stalk them as tough decisions need to be made during this one-hundred-page story. 
Perfect for fans of contemporary emotional drama and romantic friends to lovers suspense.
Shadows Between Lies Series Book 1 - When We Believed - Amazon and Kindle
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