My World of Books

Welcome to my news updates, where I spill the beans on what keeps me scribbling away in the world of books.

You see, books are like the secret passageway to a reader’s soul, and I know you’ve all been secretly wondering what in the world makes me tick.

Back in my university days, I took plunged into anthropology. It was a bit like diving headfirst into a pool of human quirks and oddities. Little did I know, I’d end up living through a global spectacle of madness – and this time, I promise, I’m not signing up for the craziness!

Now, onto my literary passions. I’m all about thrillers, and I’m planning to whip up more of those heart-pounding page-turners. But here’s the twist—I’ve got this wild fascination with ancient history.

Have you ever watched Graham Hancock’s “Ancient Apocalypse” on Netflix? It’s like a time-traveling rollercoaster for the imagination. Surprisingly, I haven’t injected it into my books yet. Why, you ask? Well, I’ve got this tiny voice in my head that wonders if you, my dear readers, share my zest for ancient adventures. Time travel, historical romps in ancient Greece and Rome, and those enigmatic Sumerians have all pitched a tent in my creative mind. Trust me; humanity’s been far more sophisticated and “civilized” than our dusty history books suggest.

Enough of the serious stuff! I’ve waved goodbye to the days of living in fear. As long as there’s chocolate and good wine, life’s a party! And, of course, a good book is like the world’s best escape from the global circus of human absurdity. I’m all in for fast-paced emotional rollercoasters, intrigue that’d make Sherlock Holmes jealous, and learning about the crazy stuff that could impact us all. Authors like Jodi Picoult and Ian McEwan are my secret teachers, and Lucy Foley? Well, she’s just a wild ride of entertainment with her plot twists.

Words? Oh, I adore them, whether they’re tumbling out of someone’s mouth or dancing on paper. But numbers? Let’s not even go there! I failed at math in high school, and even mentioning it makes me want to break out in a rash. I’d rather indulge in fine dining and snuggle up with my furry, four-legged pals. You know what they say: animals might just be our unsung heroes. My mini schnauzer, Edie, has been my partner in crime ever since her sister trotted off to the great doggy park in the sky almost two years ago.

But you want to know my real love? Writing. I dive headfirst into the minds of my characters, riding their rollercoaster struggles, highs, and lows. Most importantly, I’m their biggest cheerleader, rooting for them to grab life by the horns and ride into a well-deserved sunset. Stories or movies that break my heart in the final chapter? Nope, not on my watch. That’s just a cruel and unusual punishment!

My grand plan? To send more books your way, dear readers, so I can continue on my nomadic writing adventures. Life’s a buffet, and I’m here to savour every morsel, all while cooking up books that’ll add a sprinkle of joy to your reading escapades.

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