N F Webber – What’s in a name? A lot actually.

I am venturing into psychological thriller genre and to distinguish it from my other books, I’ve used my initials N F Webber.

Making that distinction allows readers to find my thriller suspense books more easily. Especially as I intend to write more. I hear you say NFW! Haha

The meaning of those initials will help you remember my name when searching for the next exciting book to read. I love writing in various genre and sought advice from a book consultant. Get a pen name, she said. “If you’re going into psychological thriller, then make sure you choose a surname like “Dark,” “Wilde,” “Drake,” or “Black,” something punchy and meaningful. A wild dark male duck, just didn’t do it for me, and besides, I wanted to link N F Webber to my own brand. Who knows, there maybe one or two readers who love reading multi-genre too.

I expect the NFW symbolic message will stick to my name and brand. Many authors in the psycho-thriller & suspense genre only use their initials and surname so it makes perfect sense.

For this reason I had to alter The Foster Mother Cover  with my author name being N F Webber. This is the final and absolute last cover change – I promise!