I’m agonising over my new blurb for Whisper Island.

I’ve only just returned home to New Zealand after four months overseas and my first job is completing my new blurb for Whisper Island.

After writing, reworking and perpetual tweaking for two days, I thought I’d publish my blurb here. It’s in Draft status for now.

This new blurb for Whisper Island, my new psychological thriller, is likely to be published early next year. Let me know what you think?

In paradise, trust is an illusion.

Welcome to Whisper Island, where the sun-kissed shores hide the darkest secrets. Ella thought a reunion with her closest friends would bring them solace, but as the truth unravels, it threatens to shatter their lives.

Secrets are unveiled, trust erodes, and the idyllic island turns into a cauldron of deception.Betrayal, murder, and hidden affairs ripple through the group, and Ella is driven to uncover the horrifying truth.

 But sometimes, the truth can be more destructive than the lies.

This psychological thriller tests friendships, shatters trust, and the bonds that held them together threaten to strangle them all. Whisper Island will keep you on the edge of your seat, your heart racing with every revelation. This gripping story will captivate fans of Gillian Flynn’s suspenseful writing and Liane Moriarty’s psychological depth.

 Beware of the whispers—they may consume you.

I’ve just emailed the cover brief with this new blurb, to the cover designers in USA. So it may go through a few more edits and changes before the actual upload and print run.

This now puts me under pressure to finish the book itself! While travelling I was constantly distracted by so much to see and do – not to mention eat and drink – that I could carve out enough time in a week to complete Whisper Island but now I feel the blow torch of completion on my butt!! Watch this space for updates and if you aren’t already, subscribe to my monthly newsletter to get access to freebies and promos of my work.



PS: My recent release of The Foster Mother is gaining in popularity with a 4.3 Star rating and growing sales. The positive reviews on Amazon make it all worthwhile. THANKS to you all!