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In the Deep End

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Book One of In the Deep End Series by author Nicky Webber

This bold new novel examines the complexities of marriage and the love bonds that hold us and sometimes kill us. It explores the irrationalities of human nature with a riveting narrative that challenges social convention. This moving family saga contradicts moral stereotypes, defying love-bonds that should last a lifetime.

Set in California, two couples are lifelong friends struggling with the sudden death of Mila Jones, leaving her husband, Alex, alone with his best friends, Fred, and Amira Davis. This contemporary romance uses humor and poignancy to investigate their forbidden love. They travel between New Zealand and America delivering a vibrant backdrop for what seems like ordinary domestic life, while experiencing an extraordinary love affair, often captured in private emails exchanged between the main protagonists.

These well-crafted personalities buck social norms as they navigate their way through an emotional tempest that threatens to rupture them apart.

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New Zealand Author
Nicky Webber.