I’m starting 2023 with a new psychological thriller, not literally darlings, although it’s tempting!! 

This first newsletter for the year has updates about my new psychological thriller, Valentina, (the name of a neglected and abandoned baby). It’s only a working title at this stage.

I’m about a third into it and there’s much more meaty stuff to write.

The basic story outline, from a true life experience, is about a psychopath, Lucy, short for Lucifer, (just kidding but it helps me to remember how deranged she is), who abandons her five week old baby, returning in the months following to torment the foster mother.

I’ve structured this new psychological thriller with alternating chapters inside the head of Lucy, and inside the head of the main protagonist, Nora, the woman who looks after the traumatised baby. At the time, and I’m talking decades ago, in another country, the mother had the right of access to the child, visitation rights, and as a foster parent you could do nothing but hold your breath and suffer the terror and stress of dealing with a lunatic coming into your home to see her baby. In reality, she only arrived twice in a year. But that was two times too many!

I’ve built the story around the skeleton of this mentally unstable mother impacting the lives of those who looked after her abandoned daughter, Valentina.

I can’t give too much away because things could change as I write and rework chapters and content. It’s classic good versus evil story although a more complex plot than it sounds here. It’s also a love story of a foster mother’s determination to save the baby and a newfound relationship she develops as the story unfolds between Nora and an empathetic man she meets. You don’t get many of those, but she’s finally lucky in love.

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