New Year, New Dare!

I have a policy of never looking back.

That stuff is all done and dusted, it’s sentenced to a fixed way of being, and there’s nothing much you can do about it. Some self-help proponents advise apologising to those you have wronged. I’ve tried it. It works sometimes …

But if you’re into letting go and moving forward, you often don’t need to pick the scab off some failure and prostrate yourself at the altar of forgiveness. Forgiving is, of course, still a good thing, and it does free up your spirit to cope with the daily humdrum of living and moving along with life’s adventure.

What I’m talking about is life’s interventions, death, destruction and mayhem. There’s been so much of it lately. You have to wonder if the end is nigh. There have been enough promises over the centuries from Nostradamus to the Jim Jones jungle cult and many more.

So, I say, relax, lie back and enjoy the moment. Let go of all that baggage and take a breath. This New 2020 Year is going to be a wild ride, so take the time now to regroup your energies, love the ones you’re with and prepare for this new turbulent ride. Challenge yourself, dare yourself to take on those things you’ve only thought about, or merely talked about to close friends and family. This year is the time for YOU to get down and DO IT!

I’m sending YOU all positive forces and good wishes to make the most of every moment and enjoy 2020!