13 10, 2021

An Epic Love Story from Carole Brungar

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Carole Brungar’s new novel, Loving Summer, is a real treat and an epic love story of our time.

Scott and Summer’s unforgettable love story will bring joy to your heart and tears to your eyes.

It’s Christmas in the killing fields of Vietnam, and when Corporal Scott Taylor calls his men together and hands out mail from a school back home, […]

6 10, 2021

Sweating Towards the Finish Line

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Crow About to Fly

Getting close to 70,000 words with about five chapters to complete for my new book Crow’s Song. It may be a longer read too.

It’s been hard work researching some of the details of the main protagonists, Ava in London, and Piet in Eindhoven, during WWII. I’ve been daring and written the characters in first person during their […]

29 09, 2021

Third Daughter

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I am supporting an Afghani mother and five children trapped in Kabul.

As a contemporary and biographical author, I undertake many hours of research. I see the similarities throughout history of the plight of refugees. This crisis is no different to the mass exodus of people trying to escape the Nazis during WWII.

The Taliban have plunged Afghanistan and it’s people back […]

17 09, 2021

Trapped in Hiding

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I haven’t told many people, but I have been helping and advising an Afghanistan family. Some years ago I began messaging on Facebook with a Father and Husband with a wife and five children living on the outskirts of Kabul.

He was a shopkeeper and reasonably well off, supporting his family and owned his own home. One day the Taliban shot […]

10 09, 2021

FREE eBook SBL bk2

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Get your FREE copy of, ‘Their Secret Wife,’ from now until 11th Sept.

A secret love where three ordinary friends embark on an extraordinary relationship.

When Logan’s wife dies, it makes perfect sense to invite him into Maddy and Fred’s marriage. After all, the trio are lifelong friends.

From the Californian beaches to the peaceful shores of New Zealand, […]

2 09, 2021

What’s In A Name?

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What’s in a Name?

It must be a fool moon! I’m not kidding. It’s taken me eight-months to get halfway through my current book project, Crow’s Song.

Then I decided to start writing another secret-squirrel book at the same time. Working on two books every day!! There must be medication for this, right? To hell with housework, ironing, and dust bunnies! […]

24 08, 2021

To Vaccinate… Or Not?

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To Vaccinate… Or Not?

Only 20 percent of New Zealanders are fully vaccinated. We’re down there with third world countries at the bottom of vaccination rates. Why?

Because we followed a Covid elimination strategy. It worked until NOW. Delta is ramping up and with 107+ cases and a further 14,000 close contacts in the past week!

Let’s look at the average Kiwi’s vaccination […]

27 07, 2021

Unbearable Playfulness

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Unbearable Playfulness of Being.

While lying together in bed, I run my fingers through your grey hair and my thoughts meander over your love and playful lightness of being.

Gently massaging your body, I take care not to wake you. Fatigue and pain dog your last days. I want to soak up your suffering like a sea-sponge, eradicating every […]

7 06, 2021

Radio Rave

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Fame at last! A radio interview with presenter Rachel Dore last week.

We discussed a whole range of things around writing and books I’ve written so far. A lively, fun discussion and I was totally unprepared!

She contacted me from MPR radio the day before the time slot.  I’m always the bridesmaid, filling in for someone else that couldn’t make it. I […]

7 06, 2021

Looking for New and interesting Books to Read

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Looking for New and Interesting Books to Read.

Here’s a link to an interesting blog for those readers.

Kat has also written a great review of Duplicity – if your interested click here.

Being a avid reader Kat has reviewed numerous books and is passionate reading all kinds of genre, recommending and compiling well written, comprehensive reviews.

Kat also supports her author daughter, […]