• This fast-paced story is unstoppable as the plot twists and turns, making for an unforgettable study in the complexities of modern relationships.
  • Nicky Webber New Zealand Author

    In the Deep End

    This bold new novel examines the complexities of marriage and the love bonds that hold us and sometimes kill us.

    It explores the irrationalities of human nature with a riveting narrative that challenges social convention. This moving family saga contradicts moral stereotypes, defying love-bonds that should last a lifetime.
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    This is contemporary fiction based on true stories accumulated over the years. Push Over – A Short Story About Revenge $1.15 Click Here to Buy on Amazon Kindle Proceeds will be donated to the Women’s Refuge NZ.
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    No Ordinary Man

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    No Ordinary Man

    Author Nicky Webber has woven an intricate and detailed picture of this extraordinary, multi-faceted man – bullied child, brave and resourceful soldier, skilled cabinet-maker, illicit lover, estranged father, secret cross-dresser.

    It is a novel which evokes considerable pathos and it is a story that is gently yet undeniably touching. And astoundingly, it is based on a true story, of a real, World War II New Zealand soldier who was involved in all the events Nicky Webber has meticulously accumulated from “Nina”, the niece who befriended Mick in his later years and to whom he eventually poured out his life-long secret. It’s a quite remarkable story. Independently reviewed by Kingsley Field, journalist for Seasons Magazine in July's edition.