New Book Review of No Ordinary Man

Verified independent reader from Facebook.

“I have just finished, ‘No Ordinary Man’.  It was most enjoyable and informative. My dad was in the 2NZEF in North African campaign and the sent to Greece and Crete where he was captured and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp in Germany. This book gave me an amazing insight into the desert conditions. I understand why most children of desert fighters were circumcised after the war. It must have been horrendous for our fathers. As our fathers didn’t really talk much of what happened to them (except humorous episodes), the book showed us what it was really like.

It was also fascinating to see into the life of a cross dresser – manly in every way except for their love of women’s clothing.

A great read!”

Judy Parsonson 5th March 2020