I’m currently living Cape Town, South Africa experiencing my Nomad Writing Adventure.

If there’s WIFI, I can go there on my Nomad Writing Adventure and enjoy almost uninterrupted writing of my next new book.

Being here has been an interesting and confronting experience in equal measure. There’s still a special X-Factor energy here, a hum and beat that uplifts your spirit. People are extremely friendly while first-world life runs alongside heart-wrenching poverty.

It’s always been like this from the time the Dutch and British first landed here three centuries ago. A multi-racial, multi-cultural mix which has endured all dire predictions for decades, and continues to persist. *Statistically things are bad, 67% of youths are unemployed and 42% job the population can’t get a job), crime is through the roof and Eskom power is a scarce commodity. South Africans roll with the punches no matter what their ethnicity.

Some have solar, battery storage inverters, while others need to work with load shedding – translation – daily power cuts. If you ask anyone about life in Cape Town they are mostly upbeat and grateful to live here. Plentiful sunshine makes outdoor BBQ’s and socialising central to South African life for most of the year.

As things deteriorate in the rest of the country, especially Johannesburg, people there are selling up or giving their homes away and moving to the Western Cape. The Democratic Alliance is in the majority in the Cape region and holds 21% of the seats in the country’s parliament. It offers more economic stability and security than the rest of the country.  It works, in the ways most of Africa operates. To live here is to accept that you are living in Africa with all highs and lows. But the uplifting attitude of the locals is a real tonic!

*official govt statistics July 2023

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