See Who Isn’t A Push Over

Excerpt from Push Over – a short story about betrayal and revenge.

When Dr Alan Quinn returned home from the medical conference in Auckland three days later, his wife met him at the front door. His tall, muscular stature filled the open door frame, while his broad smile seemed to light up the entryway. Unruly hair disguised a man with a razor-sharp intellect that spent most of his working life dissecting the unwanted from the unprepared. He thrust a bunch of pink roses into Sophie’s startled arms and leaned in to kiss her. To his surprise, she was unresponsive. ‘You’re welcome!’ he grinned at his disconcerted spouse.

She offered him a drink, resolving not to tell him anything about Raping Rod, but within seconds, he knew she was distressed.  They both sat on the white wicker two-seater on the porch and began to talk. After silently listening and consoling her, he became infuriated with expanding rage.

‘Where was your bloody brother? The very least he could’ve done is kick his mate’s arse down the road!’ His face was flushed with anger as he repeatedly tried to cajole her into going to the Police.

‘It’s my word against his, Alan,’ Sophie tearfully explained. ‘There’s no point, and it’s too late now. It happened two days ago.’

Alan took a breath, reached out and drew her close as they sat on the floral couch. He lowered his voice, trying to control his response. ‘I’ll be talking to your brother. This isn’t right. That arsehole deserves to be charged.’ Fresh tears welled in his eyes as he reconsidered his strategy.

‘Please don’t say anything. I was just so stupid.’ she pleaded. ‘I’m angry with myself. I was the dumb one who didn’t see it coming. It was my fault. I could’ve… could’ve… ‘Her fractured voice dissolved into uncontrollable tears. He gently rocked her from side to side, murmuring soothing words in her ear.