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5- Star Rated:  Wow! What a life “Sophia” led! Once I started reading Duplicity, I was captivated and drawn into “Sophia’s” life. And what a life! Great novel, Nicky. Sharron Hickman

I couldn’t put Duplicity down. I found the subject completely believable and very compelling. Even though I was captivated by her first book, Nicky’s tension building skills and her ability to convey the sexuality of the characters show her writing prowess is increasing every day. The authenticity of each book is underlined by the fact that she uses real-life situations to build her stories upon.
Engross yourself in this captivating story. Linda Wills

Really enjoyed this novel. Made more interesting, having been based on a real person. Great pace. Liked the short chapters and the easy to follow date timeline headings. A most interesting key character makes the plot come alive. The tension builds as Sophia’s complicated life begins to unravel. I hope there is more to come. Jeff Taylor

5- Star Rated:  Nicky has a delightful way of bringing you into the story, so you feel you know the characters well. The storyline was easy to follow and very believable. I found it hard to put down and wanted to keep reading well after lights out time. I look forward to reading her other novels. Mary Ansell GoodReads

5- Star Rated: This is such a great story of such a great human. I loved it! I’m completely awestruck even with the writing. The language is very crisp and not very flowery, and yet it is to the point and does not drag or lag. It is also very fast-paced and really interesting. I loved reading it. This is really good. Happy Reading! Also, this one has a happy Covid 19 story for a change, and I loved reading it. Arna Banerjee Goodreads & Book Sirens USA

5- Star Rated: Interesting and thought-provoking read. Relatable characters, easy flowing story. Darian Amazon, Goodreads and Book Sirens USA

4-Star Rated: Dysfunctional families aren’t rare, nor are narcissistic personalities. But ever now and then an individual comes along with a unique rule-breaking perspective that allows them to use such bad breaks in life to achieve their goals. Duplicity is loosely based on one such real-life woman. For me, the first chapter was a real struggle to read because it was loaded with details without enough framework to appreciate them, but the story drew me in as it went along. The main character Sophia certainly knew the importance of making a good first impression and honed her skill to a fine art. The story is well told and very current. The author Nicky Webber treats a titillating subject in a rather matter of fact way. If you enjoy reading about controversial characters, you will enjoy Duplicity. I received a free advance review copy, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. Carol H Book Sirens, Amazon USA

5- Star Rated:  A fascinating, fast-paced read that had me guessing where it was going next all the way through. It has strong, well-drawn characters who kept me so fascinated that my husband complained he was being ignored. Great use of current events to round out the story! Recommended. Bev Robatai GoodReads

5- Star Rated: Interesting and thought-provoking read. Relatable characters, easy After reading ‘Duplicity,’ it has confirmed that Nicky Webber, is by far, my favourite author of 2020.
To-date I have read four of Webber’s novels: “No Ordinary Man” and two volumes of “In The Deep End.” Her new book “Duplicity” is racier than the others.
I loved each of her books, but I would like to suggest that like good wine, Webber is getting better with each novel. Dr A T Reisenburger GoodReads

5- Star Rated: You won’t want to put it down. The only downside of Duplicity is my lack of sleep- it kept me gripped until the wee hours. Once I started it, I didn’t want to put it down. Really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. Carolyn Boardman Amazon & GoodReads

5- Star Rated:  This book was so interesting I didn’t want it to end, and I could hardly put it down.
The way the author introduces you to the characters was great.
Sophia, who at one time had everything anyone could imagine until certain things happen in her life, and she loses everything. How she copes and pulls herself out of it was amazing for such a young person.
How she deals with everything, including her parents, her sister, her loss of income was brilliant.
Her new business venture was exciting as to how she pulled it all off. How she was able to keep all her lovers from finding out about each other took some doing. As I wondered how the book would end, have no fear, it ends on a high note. Dotty Amazon

5- Star Rated: This was an ARC I received, so I took my time to read this book to give an honest review. Weber sucks you into this book from the very beginning and has you wanting to know more and more about Sophia Hudson. She grew up knowing money and finer things until she no longer had them. She and her sister are forced to figure it out on their own. You get into her past and then forward to present tense.

The author gives you meaning behind how the events of the current have come to be. I found Sophia to be a fascinating character and the way she went about building her business very smart. She speaks many languages and is very educated. She has the beauty and brains to appeal to the upper class. Her story and her encounters with these wealthy people will keep you engrossed in the story.

I recommend this book and give five stars, five stars for story, content and the ability to suck me into the story and keep me wanting more. Christina W. Amazon

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