Learning new things and reworking the core part of an author business is critical these days.

Yesterday I spent three amazing hours with publishing book consultant and author extraordinaire, Kirsten McKenzie. It was an eye-opening session and reinforces the much repeated concept that you don’t know what you don’t know. It turns out I hardly know a thing.

She discussed my covers, titles, key words, categories and SEO to make sure I maximise my footprint on mighty Amazon. Talk about the lights being turned on – the entire stage shone as if it were painted in gold. I’ve spent most of today reworking the core part of my author publishing business. Amending and updating blurbs, taglines and content online. It’s more of a job than I first anticipated but already understand this is going to make a difference.

Kirsten herded me into using a new title and cover for Valentina – which will now be called The Foster Mother and we changed the cover image and wrote a blurb. So it’s now up on Preorder on Amazon if you wan to see what it looks like. I wonder if it should be called The Foster Child – what do you think? I hope to have it published by mid-2023 but pulled the deadline date out to February 2024 so I don’t have a nervous breakdown during the next four months!

Thank you too. I’ve not used paid advertising for my books during the past twelve months only promoting through my newsletter. Nearly 600 downloads of my two FREE historical books happened over the weekend! I’m astounded. Because they’re free it means I get no moolah unless the customers read the book. NO Pressure everyone who has a free copy!!! No one ever survives on page reads alone, but at least it’s a small donation for the hard work writing the book in the first place.

This is just the past twenty-four hours so reworking the core part of my publishing career is a never-ending work in progress!