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Here’s my November Newsletter with links to Night Lark for free and The Foster Mother on sale and free in the UK and USA.

Nicky’s November Newsletter here.

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There’s nothing like curling up on the sofa or in bed, and escaping the weather to enjoy a good read. It’s distracting the husband and the kids that’s the tricky bit! Good luck! It’s one of the advantages to life after children have flown the next. Silence and peace… mostly.

The Amazon links are here for The Foster Mother 70% discount and hear for your free copy of the Night Lark ebook.

Unfortunately I completed and published Night Lark while I was overseas and didn’t have the time and money on my return to NZ after being away three months last year to advertise and promote it. But it’s a good book and I hope you will enjoy it as much as others have.

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