Shark Tampering & Tasty Treats

The last time I felt this uneasy, I was swimming at 5 am off the coast of Byron Bay in Australia.

I swam in the early morning half-light with the shoreline behind me, and began body surfing back towards the beach through the calm, even-tempered waves.

On the fourth swim out, in the direction of the dawning sun, I moved beyond the breakers into the rising swell and stopped, treading water to catch my breath. I swung around and glanced at the distant shoreline, feeling slightly uneasy. I could just make out my small pile of clothes on the sand and I silently cursed myself for not leaving a note saying where I had gone. Suddenly a massive wave curled up in front of my dripping face, I blinked, not believing what I saw. It was an enormous shark only a few yards from my nose, its dark shadow swimming horizontal in the emerald-green curl of the wave.

Newsflash – Jesus is NOT the only person that walked on water! Far worse, I was dressed like a succulent seal in a black one-piece swimming costume. As I caught the wave and willed my body to race to the beach, I felt as if the shark’s double rows of razor-sharp teeth and hot, hungry tongue was almost tasting my toes!

Today my horror and unease are about the fact that I have placed my books in the wrong Genre on Amazon!!!! I’ve been told they are “contemporary literary fiction” and NOT schmaltzy romance. OK. I see it now, but I can’t believe it! I’m scrambling to swim to shore and save my neck. If only that shark had gobbled me up for breakfast all those years ago and saved me from this Monday’s plight!!

Enjoy a good week, people – sharks or books – things could always be worse!

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