Stick to Your Knitting!

Rewriting my fifth book has been akin to unpicking my knitting

GAWD it’s been hard yards grinding through the rewrites recommended by my Editor for my new book, Duplicity. It’s that classic conundrum, when the book is “finished” (haha), the hard work really begins. The closest way I can describe it, is like unpicking knitting when you have the wrong size needles and a pattern you can’t decipher…so you swig down two vino’s before you start reading the instructions!

Ahhh yes, you start off with a dream of a magnificent fine merino wool jersey that fits everyone exactly … then you start casting on the stitches with excited anticipation. As time and the work drags on the jersey goes off in tangents, three arm holes instead of two with uneven ribbing around the waist and a baggy neckline that can’t get over your fat head.

So here I am, picking the unpicking and reworking the design. I’m grimly determined to deliver a bestseller –  something that will arrest your heart and suspend your belief in good things taking time! Let’s hope time delivers the superlatives!

And you think your lock-down is hard going!!

Keep safe everyone and make the most of your downtime!