Crow About to Fly

Getting close to 70,000 words with about five chapters to complete for my new book Crow’s Song. It may be a longer read too.

It’s been hard work researching some of the details of the main protagonists, Ava in London, and Piet in Eindhoven, during WWII. I’ve been daring and written the characters in first person during their childhood and teen years, with the war seen though children’s eyes. Lots of agonizing and gnashing of teeth. Am sure my molars are ground down!

But as I lurch towards the finish line, I’m feeling more confident this is going to be an unforgettable story.  I’ll know soon enough, when my Beta readers send back their feedback. If you’re interested in reading a copy over the summer holidays, please let me know and will send you an email with details.

Crow’s Song is a love story. The protagonist’s meet in their late teens, and decide to immigrate. There’s no steamy sex and debauchery (for a change) but there’s still a satisfying ending – Yes have already hammered out the last chapter.

I’ve been thinking of taglines and maybe you can help me with that too? What do you think of the following? Does it grab your interest?

  1. “Worlds apart, what chance does this couple have when their destinies collide?”
  2. “Finding Love while escaping War.”

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Enjoy the rest of Spring here in NZ and Autumn/Fall in the Northern hemisphere.