Third Daughter

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I am supporting an Afghani mother and five children trapped in Kabul.

As a contemporary and biographical author, I undertake many hours of research. I see the similarities throughout history of the plight of refugees. This crisis is no different to the mass exodus of people trying to escape the Nazis during WWII.

The Taliban have plunged Afghanistan and it’s people back […]

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Top 5 Tips

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Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Writing.

Most writer’s celebrate the completion of their first draft.

It’s wonderful to see writers toast themselves with their favourite tipple and post photos on social media. Finally, the masterpiece is complete! Sadly the euphoria is short lived as harsh reality becomes a bitter pill to swallow.

NOW the REAL WORK begins. ‘Completing’ the story is only […]

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Can’t See The Woods For The Trees?

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You Can’t See the Woods for the Trees?

Here’s TEN tips for planning your next book. When I’m half-way through writing a new book, I’m already making notes and planning for my next book.

In this way, I’m working across two projects at once. When my book is with editors and going through the proof-reading process, I have a few weeks to […]

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Not a Push Over – excerpt

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See Who Isn’t A Push Over

Excerpt from Push Over – a short story about betrayal and revenge.

When Dr Alan Quinn returned home from the medical conference in Auckland three days later, his wife met him at the front door. His tall, muscular stature filled the open door frame, while his broad smile seemed to light up the entryway. Unruly hair […]

BOOK TWO Reader Reviews

By |2020-01-28T12:57:05+13:00January 20th, 2020|In The Deep End|

FIRST Book Reviews of In the Deep End – Book Two

NEW book in this series and already hitting a 5-STAR rating

“Thoroughly enjoyed Book Two, their relationships continue to be complex and interesting. “The Project” had me totally captivated and intrigued and became a “couldn’t put down “page turner.” Raewyn Viljoen

“I’ve known author Nicky Webber for some time and she’s just […]

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Getting the Job Done

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Getting the Job Done

I am working on two books this year – my 2020 goals!

If it’s anything like my exercising and healthy eating goals, I won’t stand a chance.

But I’ve committed myself to churn out 2,000 words a day on my new book, “Sophia,” which I started in December last year. So far, I am up to 44,000 words. YES, […]

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How Much Sh*t Is An Overload?

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How Much Sh*t Is An Overload?

It’s almost New Year so it’s time to let go of all the accumulated sh*t that stuck to you during 2019. Take a big breath and let it go.

I should know. I live in a bird house. A grapevine on our deck is home to 30 nesting birds. That means my home reverberates with noise […]

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Shark Attack (Almost!)

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Shark Tampering & Tasty Treats

The last time I felt this uneasy, I was swimming at 5 am off the coast of Byron Bay in Australia.

I swam in the early morning half-light with the shoreline behind me, and began body surfing back towards the beach through the calm, even-tempered waves.


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What WILD Webs We Weave

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What WILD Webs We Weave!

I’ve just wiped the sweat from my furrowed brow after battling outside trying to drape four meters of tiny LED lights around a couple of outdoor trees.

 You know the drill. I unwisely thought I’d make an attempt to get into the Christmas spirit because I’ve resisted the indoor tree this year.

Do you […]

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