Brutal Truth About My Past

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My Neanderthal Genes!

I was quietly minding my own business, and out of left field, an email update from 23andme.com arrived in my inbox relating to a genetics test I did ten years ago.

This new “Trait Report” had some wild and wonderful things. It stated: “Unibrow… Likely No Unibrow.” Thank heavens for that! Finally, my face and back waxing is starting […]

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Getting Book Reviews

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Whats the Problem with Book Reviews?

The REAL BUZZ about writing is meeting and talking to so many wonderful readers.

Strangers email me or come up and chat about my books. Some write messages of delight on Messenger or in private emails, which almost defeats the purpose of acknowledging a good book. On request, some have generously copied their comments onto my […]

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Take A Chance on Life!

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Take a Chance – You Only LIVE Once!

After working long, thankless hours in corporate business over many years, I realized that I had driven my career down a dark, relentless rabbit hole.

My day job was sucking my soul dry. There was no job satisfaction or regular lunch breaks, and all I could see was a perpetual cycle of clients, suppliers, […]

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October is a Write Off

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October is a Write Off

Saturation writing and speaking events abound!

The juggling act continues with several articles published in Season’s Magazine bringing my journalistic prowess to the fore along with the momentus completion of my fourth book, which is Book Two in the series, In the Deep End. It has been hastily fired off to the Editorial Assessor while I […]

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Life Interrupted!

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Life Interrupted!

Even the clock looks slightly skew …

Am I the only one who rises early and starts to work only to be interrupted by an urgent phone call to pick up a friend, who’s car is broken? I get back an hour later and just as I squeeze out the first free flowing sentence, I get the food call from […]

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