On Sale and Free

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On Sale and Free until 21st November

Here’s my November Newsletter with links to Night Lark for free and The Foster Mother on sale and free in the UK and USA.

Nicky’s November Newsletter here.

There are plenty of other authors books for sale and free too – just click on the three banners at the end of the […]

The Foster Mother Reviews

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GREAT News (for me) my new psychological thriller, The Foster Mother, is trending upwards on amazon.com

More people are reading, The Foster Mother, so sales and page reads are trending upwards too.

THANKS to everyone for writing reviews for The Foster Mother […]

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Kait King Creative Talent

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Gifted Poet, Writer, and Social Commentator, Kait King, knows how to say it all.

Kait King’s creative talent is going from strength to strength with her skilful writing and original take on all things to do with Life, Love and Loss.

I’m so impressed with Kait King and her writing I asked her permission to print one of her recent poems.

With […]

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Free Reading Over Christmas

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Unlock Your Christmas Reading Paradise! 📚🎄

Is it too early to talk about free Christmas reading? Not at all! In fact, it’s all part of my festive book marketing strategy. I’m giving you the gift of free ebooks well before the holiday rush.

If you’re anything like me, you download ebooks onto your Kindle reader, promising yourself you’ll get to them… during […]

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My World of Books

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My World of Books

Welcome to my news updates, where I spill the beans on what keeps me scribbling away in the world of books.

You see, books are like the secret passageway to a reader’s soul, and I know you’ve all been secretly wondering what in the world makes me tick.

Back in my […]

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Nomad Writing

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I’m currently living Cape Town, South Africa experiencing my Nomad Writing Adventure.

If there’s WIFI, I can go there on my Nomad Writing Adventure and enjoy almost uninterrupted writing of my next new book.

Being here has been an interesting and confronting experience in equal measure. There’s still a special X-Factor energy here, a hum and beat that uplifts your […]

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I’m Easily Bored

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I’m easily bored so if a book doesn’t appeal by page fifty, I quit reading.

I don’t bother reviewing it either. I understand the hard work, sweat and tears that goes into producing 80,000 words or more. If it’s not my cup of tea – I don’t drink it!

It’s one of the reasons I […]

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Foster Mother Reviews

By |2023-07-21T11:24:13+12:00June 19th, 2023|Foster Mother, News Blog Update, News Letter, News Updates, The Foster Mother, Valentina|

My new psychological thriller, The Foster Mother, was published two weeks ago.

The good news is that The Foster Mother has reviews in the USA with a rating of 4.5 stars.

Because the story is set in NZ & Australia, across three of their main cities, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, I ideally need to attract more readers in both […]

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Confessions of Love

By |2023-05-17T11:12:02+12:00May 17th, 2023|Confessions of Love, News Updates|

I wrote, Confessions of Love, while overseas at the end of last year.

My husband said I should call it, “What Your Lovers Told Me,” and in hindsight, I think his advice was more catchy and true to the content.

Struggling with intermittent WI-FI along with the interruptions of traveling, eating and drinking, meant I didn’t advertise or promote this book air […]

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N F Webber – What’s in a Name?

By |2023-05-09T14:19:26+12:00May 9th, 2023|Coming Soon, News Updates, The Foster Mother|

N F Webber – What’s in a name? A lot actually.

I am venturing into psychological thriller genre and to distinguish it from my other books, I’ve used my initials N F Webber.

Making that distinction allows readers to find my thriller suspense books more easily. Especially as I intend to write more. I hear you say NFW! Haha

The meaning of those […]

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