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I’m so excited my books are now available in Cambridge Paper Plus book store. They can now be ordered through this retail chain nationwide. BIG THANKS to owner, Hamish Wright, pictured with me next to my favourite books! Haha PLEASE SHARE. Many thanks everyone.

Both books are enjoying four to five star status and below is some of the positive feedback:

Both my books are now available at PaperPlus in Cambridge

In the Deep End is an excellent read. With every page, I was drawn more and more into the characters, and became intrigued by the story-line that took unexpected twists and turns. Then I simply could not tear myself away from the book. I found it fascinating read. Nicky Webber is an excellent writer and as the story unveiled – it kept me riveted, all the way to the unexpected last chapter.

Long after you have put the book down, haunting images remain – such is the power and pull of Nicky’s words in ‘No Ordinary Man’. She has a sound grasp of her characters and the story-line of a war that impacted the entire world. What surprised me was the level of compassion and the resolution of this compelling story.

A powerful book. Some do it hard.I’ve always felt very fortunate to have not had to fight in a war, what a terrifying thought. Although I’ve read a bit about the war, No Ordinary Man is my first Kiwi perspective of it, a refreshingly different view very powerfully portrayed from a personal perspective. Excellent.

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“Author Nicky Webber has woven an intricate and detailed picture of this extraordinary, multi-faceted man – bullied child, brave and resourceful soldier, skilled cabinet-maker, illicit lover, estranged father, secret cross-dresser. It is a novel which evokes considerable pathos and it is a story that is gently yet undeniably touching. And astoundingly, it is based on a true story, of a real, World War II New Zealand soldier who was involved in all the events Nicky Webber has meticulously accumulated from “Nina”, the niece who befriended Mick in his later years and to whom he eventually poured out his life-long secret. It’s a quite remarkable story.”

No Ordinary Man, by Nicky Webber; Reviewed by Kingsley Field, journalist for Seasons Magazine. Excerpt from full book review on page 41 of July’s edition.

Nicky Webber at Inspirit Art Gallery in Tamahere, Cambridge

The books are available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats and also direct from the Author. Contact

Extraordinary Secret Double-Life

Published in New Zealand Today:

New Zealand Today Blogs & Articles from around Aotearoa

If you think everything’s already been written about WWII, think again. Nicky Webber’s new book, No Ordinary Man, has a whole new take on this Kiwi soldier’s life. This former journalist has developed a unique narrative about this ANZAC soldier fighting in the trenches during the Western Desert War. This true- story skillfully combines her creative talents with historical facts and sheds an intriguing light on this unusual character.

To the outside world, Mick Thompson seems like any other young soldier heading off to WWII in 1941. As the war is nearing its zenith, Europe and America throw all their resources at the expanding Nazi terror. But Mick hides a profound secret which he tries to repress as the war expands across Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and into Italy.

Most would say he’s just an ordinary trooper surviving in cramped trenches, where Nazi enemy forces relentlessly pound him day and night. In these circumstances, most of us would revert to jibbering, depressives. Instead, Mick creates an alter-ego that goes well beyond his wildest imaginings. This fabrication is so addictive, Mick continues to maintain the identity swap after his return to New Zealand in 1945. He soon develops a love for his neighbour’s wife, forming the emotional crucible of his real-life story.

Can this war hero maintain the fiction of his restricted reality? Will his affair blow his cover and confidence? Mick’s secret obsession is just one of his many aspects explored in this complex character. This clever narrative examines the emotional and psychological roller coaster of war, love, and sex with humor and insight across the backdrop of the world at war.

“I’m no historian, so the book is written as seen through the eyes of Mick’s real-life personality, with hours of collaboration with his niece, diary notes, a few photographs and lots of historical research to match his movements to facts,” explains Nicky. “This is why it took more than two years to write this intriguing story.”

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The Kindle/eBook and paperback versions of, No Ordinary Man, are available on Amazon-worldwide.

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No Ordinary Man eBOOK LIVE

The eBook versions of No Ordinary Man are available on Amazon. There are four options (full ebook, and Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3), when you search under Nicky Webber. I don’t seem to be able to make the link below Live! Copy and paste into your browser if you wish to buy or check them out.

Hopefully the paperback will be released before the weekend. Will keep you posted! Thanks again and apologies for the delay. Thanks everyone who has purchased and for your patience during this process!! Happy Reading!

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