Flying High After Finishing, The Foster Mother, my new Psychological Thriller.

I won’t be flying high for very long as the completed manuscript for, The Foster Mother, is  already out with a team of eagle-eyed Beta Readers and a professional editor who will all have much to say!

So I’m braced for their very valuable advice and for lots of red lines amongst my original work. I’m blocking that out for now and taking a breather.

Clearing up my office and planing to weed my veggie garden for an hour a day. I already have four chapters drafted for another new book, but more about that later. For now I’m basking in the freedom of enjoying the outside world! Nice to escape from the writer’s cave and have time to chat to friends and family.

The Foster Mother is a dramatic change in my writing – well I think it is – so I hope it will intrigue readers. It’s based on a contemporary true story, and dedicated to Foster Mothers and Fathers everywhere. The unsung hero’s who raise children that for whatever reason, there are no direct parents to raise the child they care for.

It was tough to write at times, heart wrenching and disturbing BUT it is a positive story about the power of love and commitment with a happy ending.

I have amended the preorder date from February 2024 to October 2023, but expect it to hit the online shelves during June this year. Not a long wait. Here is the link if you want to be first in line to get a copy.

I look forward to hearing from readers about any of my books.

ENJOY Flying High! :)