Here’s your chance to win a Free copy of The Foster Mother

I’m giving away two free copies of this new paperback, The Foster Mother, to two lucky readers on the 1st December.

Sadly, it only applies to residents of New Zealand as postage overseas has become too crazy to consider.

The Foster Mother is going gangbusters with ebook, paperback and hard cover sales. It’s doing much better than my other books at this early stage in the roll-out.

All you need to do to be in the draw is email me your address (for postage if you win the draw), to [email protected] and you’ll be in to win!

Here’s a recent Amazon review of The Foster Mother to whet your appetite.

“Nora is a skilled pediatric surgical nurse living a happy single life, when her brother Quinn brings his new girlfriend, Lucy, to meet her. Something seems off about Lucy but Nora can’t quite put her finger on it…..until Lucy and Quinn have a child together. Then Lucy’s behaviors, and ultimately her true colors, begin to show.
Meanwhile, a new surgeon at Nora’s hospital captures her attention. But Nora and this hot new surgeon, Liam, both have dark past relationships. And now with Nora’s new issues with Lucy and Quinn, the dynamics are even more strained.
A great, gripping page turner! Highly recommend!”

You may not realise that there are ten million books on *Amazon worldwide, and 82,685 are in the Best Seller Rankings. So a BIG thanks to my American readers, (98%), for making The Foster Mother rank 475 in Domestic Thrillers and 876 in Psychological Fiction genres.

This made my day!!

Please email [email protected] with our postal address if you wish to go in the draw for a free copy. The two winners will be announced on 1st December.

Good Luck and happy reading!

*This information is correct on Friday 24th November, 2023.