After much book-cover angst over my new psychological thriller, The Foster Mother, I bit the bullet.

I put the job out to professional cover designers in USA.

Three weeks later they returned with their concept mockup. It immediately took my breath away!

Giving them the brief put me on the spot. They asked all kinds of questions about the plot, the characters and the key inciting incidents. I had to compete several pages of forms and send them a two-page synopsis of the story. The result was well worth it. They completely grasped the nuance of psychological thriller/romantic suspense which is the genre The Foster Mother straddles.

The manuscript is now with the book Editor and I hope to have it back to make changes by the end of April. After I’ve amended the content the final draft will be fired off to the professional proof reader. A group of Beta Readers are also submitting their recommendations and amendments. Only when the finalised version is uploaded online, will I reveal the full cover, but here is a sneak peek to whet your appetite.

I’ve already had some exciting and very positive feedback from early readers, a bit more polishing and The Foster Mother will be ready for release!

It was an emotionally difficult book to write and it was one of the reasons I pulled out of all social media for three months so I could remain in the headspace of The Foster Mother and the psychopathic monster who was the biological mother. It was easy to sink into the dark corners of my own mind, in my desire to find the hard edges of these personalities. In the end I think this succeeds and is a warning to anyone dealing with the twisted nature of narcissistic psychopathic behaviour.

Fingers crossed it ticks most of the boxes. Read the blurb for The Foster Mother here.

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