GREAT News (for me) my new psychological thriller, The Foster Mother, is trending upwards on

More people are reading, The Foster Mother, so sales and page reads are trending upwards too.

THANKS to everyone for writing reviews for The Foster Mother – the good the bad and the delightful! She’s a hard life being a writer and clamouring to get attention in one of the most competitive markets in the world. But your review are making an impact!

Here’s the link if you want to buy a copy and I am also uploading a hard-back version this week too.…/dp/B0BWBYTRR1/ or search N F Webber (I used my initials to mark the difference in genre but of course algorithms think I’m NF’d and not Nicky now!!
Recent quotes from verified reader reviews of The Foster Mother;
“A must-read for twists and turns that the reader does not see coming.”
“A great, gripping page turner! Highly recommend!”
“This was a wild psychological thriller that I couldn’t seem to put down.”
“What truly sets this book apart is the author’s masterful storytelling. I found myself immersed in a haunting and atmospheric world, turning the pages feverishly as the tension built to a crescendo.”
“Love the story and all the twists. I hope there is another book after this one!”
Although The Foster Mother is rated in the Psychological Thriller genre it is also listed under Domestic Thriller/ suspense too.
Happy Reading!
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