I am supporting an Afghani mother and five children trapped in Kabul.

As a contemporary and biographical author, I undertake many hours of research. I see the similarities throughout history of the plight of refugees. This crisis is no different to the mass exodus of people trying to escape the Nazis during WWII.

The Taliban have plunged Afghanistan and it’s people back into the middle ages where fear and violence dominate their lives. This family has received death threats and the eldest daughter was shot in the leg five years ago and her grandfather killed four years before that. Read the full story and learn more.

Each week I deliver updates and this is one from the third daughter in the family who is 19 years old and had been accepted into medical school in Kabul – until the Taliban arrived:

“As a child, I would dream of becoming a doctor one day. Maybe a heart surgeon. When I was in the twelfth grade, I spent a year preparing for the university entrance exam. I worked tirelessly day and night and pulled lots of all nighter.

My whole concern was to study and succeed. The exam was finally passed and I was looking forward to the result. But suddenly Afghanistan fell to the Taliban’s hand, my dreams crumbled down. Two weeks later, our test result was announced. It was unbelievable. I had succeeded at medical faculty of Ali Sina University of Kabul, receiving 341 marks out of 360. I and my family shed tears.

On the one hand I was happy to succeed and on the other hand I was very sad. An unknown future and a country in which science and consciousness are no longer valuable. Dreams of becoming a master and a doctor were buried. And a girl longing for the dreams she had for a bright tomorrow.”

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