I haven’t told many people, but I have been helping and advising an Afghanistan family. Some years ago I began messaging on Facebook with a Father and Husband with a wife and five children living on the outskirts of Kabul.

He was a shopkeeper and reasonably well off, supporting his family and owned his own home. One day the Taliban shot his father dead and threatened his life. He decided to escape and support his family by working overseas in a new country. Sadly, he was picked up off the coast of Australia in 2013 and has spent the past nine years incarcerated at Australia’s pleasure. No lawyers, no voice, no help, no charges, no public protests here or in Australia either. Yes a bit like Gitmo without torture!

There is some good news which has spurred me into action. The father was recently granted a G-number for Vancouver and has Sponsored Refugee status for Canada but he is in the middle of the immigration process so remains in the detention center until the next round of interviews. I have sent about 50 emails pleading his case and that of his family left behind, but with recent events, they have sunk to the bottom of everyone’s in tray.

The rest of his family now remain in Kabul with their circumstances dwindling. The live all six of them in a cramped single room with 30 other people scratching for survival. Everything came to a complete halt a few weeks ago when the USA suddenly left Afghanistan. His Wife and five children (three are in university education – or were!), are now in a dire situation. They have lost everything and are in hiding in Kabul as the eldest daughter who speaks and writes fluent English has been very outspoken – anti extremism and anti terrorism so now the Taliban have made death threats to her and her family in Kabul. With little food and no money their situation has become dire. Read more about it and if you are able to help support this family in any way it would be very much appreciated by us all.

Please feel free to contact me  or ask questions, if you want further information.

All the very best.