Welcome to My NEW Website!

You’re one of the first to see  my new website, nickywebber.com

I’ll be refining the information over the next couple of weeks before going global! Let me know what you think and if there’s something that needs a fix? I know I do! It’s been long, arduous hours herding web content into the right spaces! It will take more than Champers and Chocolates to recover!!

Initially, I suffered from bouts of internal conflict around having a real website or not. I became convinced it was a worthwhile investment. At the time, I didn’t realise I was embarking on a significant adventure. Who knows or cares about widgets and SEO, anyway? I do now, after a crash-course from Konings Creative. With a degree in Fine Art, Photography and successful life in advertising, Paul Konings fast-tracked me into cyberspace reality. His beautiful photographs adorn each of the pages, and his excellent design makes for a fresh, contemporary website. He had an eye-watering 25,000 images on his laptop for me to choose from.

I chose high-quality photographs of the countries you would experience when reading my books. I wanted the images to pull you into the characters lives and feel the places I write about.

I desperately need to finish my third book, In the Deep End Book Two, so will only post about one blog every month. If you’re happy with that and want to enjoy my writer’s journey, warts and all, please sign up for my NewsBlog, link below. Rest assured that your contact information will never be distributed to anyone else. You’ll get important updates and promo’s and won’t be bombarded. After all, I’ve got serious book writing to get on with!

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