What did the Editorial Assessor Say?

I’ve just finished reading through the independent Editors Assessment of my NEW book – In the Deep End-Book Two.

It’s simply incredible what Tina Shaw comes up with – sound advice and creative suggestions to push my creative thinking a little harder.

The Assessor’s job is critical to the success of any book. They review the structure and content in detail, and Tina Shaw always does an exceptional job. After a week, she had thoroughly read Book Two and sent four typed pages of recommendations. Her advice and guidance are absolutely vital.

Apart from the weaknesses, she also pointed out the strengths and commented that “Overall, it was another great story with intriguing subplots which add variety and spice. A good read.”

You won’t hear much from me for a week or two as I focus on amending the manuscript. Overhauling 40 chapters takes a bit of work, and deep concentration, before firing it off to the professional eagle-eyed Fiction Proofreader!

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