What Do Readers Want?

Excitement and escape, with intrigue, so at the end of every chapter, you are desperate for MORE …

BUT before you take the bold step, of actually purchasing a book, you want to know two things, apart from professional editing and a great cover:

(1) What’s this book about?

My books deal with real people living real lives but with twists and turns that take you deep into the heart of the main characters. I want readers to feel the emotional struggles as the characters face serious issues that impact their lives. While the stories are presented as fiction, I call them creative non-fiction because they are all based on true stories, and I have developed the dialogue and reimagined the situations to give the reader the inside story.

(2) What’s the subject matter and the location of your characters?

It depends on the characters. My first book, No Ordinary Man, is about a WWll soldier struggling with his sexual identity and the trauma of war. His diaries and private conversations to a relative gave me the insight and the intrigue about how he managed his secret obsessions. The main protagonist fights battles in the Western Desert War around Egypt and returns to New Zealand in 1945 and continues with his secret love affair. People love this 5-star read.

The Deep End series is set the story between California and Whangamata, where the four main characters escape to New Zealand for the summer holidays. This is also based on a story I heard a few years ago where a woman was happily living in the same home with two ‘husbands’. This dynamic forms the basis of this contemporary romance, which men and women enjoy. It also has 5-Stars from reviews mainly on Goodreads.com. Book Two in this series is due out in the next six weeks and is currently with the Proof Reader and Editor.

Push Over is a short story, under 5,000 words, about rape and revenge, and the proceeds will go to Women’s Refuge. It’s an easy read with unexpected twists and a satisfying ending! This is set in small-town New Zealand, where aggression is often tolerated. Newly released and has its first 5-Star rating. Only $1.15 on kindle.

I am currently working on another controversial topic, my fifth book with a working title, Sophia, which will take me a good six to 9 months to research and publish. I’m excited about the character who I met while working as a journalist 30 years ago. I interviewed her for a magazine article and was astounded by your story.

Happy Reading, everyone, and enjoy a GREAT week!