What WILD Webs We Weave!

I’ve just wiped the sweat from my furrowed brow after battling outside trying to drape four meters of tiny LED lights around a couple of outdoor trees.

 You know the drill. I unwisely thought I’d make an attempt to get into the Christmas spirit because I’ve resisted the indoor tree this year.

Do you like my sexy white zinc’d schnoz in keeping with the summery winter theme?

Oh, what tangled webs we weave! As the coiled lights unraveled at my very first touch. It felt more like 4,000 meters of lights as I knotted and un-knotted the wiry mess, fighting with branches to secure them in place. They’re “warm” white lights, wouldn’t you know, to create a garden ambiance. This knowledge didn’t make it less problematic as I continued toiling for hours tying down the resistant coils and forcing the solar battery stake into the hard earth.

Thank heavens Christmas comes only once a year. I STILL haven’t done any shopping, got any decorations, or baked a damn fruit cake! I have, however, purchased four bottles of Pongracz champagne! I know now, that nothing else really matters!

HOT TIP:  Pongracz is from South Africa at half the price of the cheapest Kiwi brands, BUT tastes like the most expensive French variety! Available in local supermarkets which regularly sell out! Sign up for my NewsBlog: nickywebber.com/blog if your keen for more updates.