What’s in a Name?

It must be a fool moon! I’m not kidding. It’s taken me eight-months to get halfway through my current book project, Crow’s Song.

Then I decided to start writing another secret-squirrel book at the same time. Working on two books every day!! There must be medication for this, right? To hell with housework, ironing, and dust bunnies! Thanks Lockdown, I now have an eligible excuse to write in peace and quiet all day. Sigh……

My second project is a new contemporary romance set in NZ right now! Minus damn Covid of course. I hear you, we all need escapism!  Set in a small rural town, (of course), The Lark, is about two sisters living together and running their family farm, after the parents died in an accident. One of the sisters has a simmering, savvy, secretive lover, a S.W.A.T. boy in the police! He’s got a gun and knows how to use it!! Just kidding…but hope you laughed!

Now he has a back story as intriguing as the sisters. Ahhhh, the potential for drama and all those ‘what ifs’ is eye-wateringly exciting! It’s a story I can’t wait to finish!

If you have any good names for this character please email me. I have two main contenders: Malcolm (Mal or Mazza) and Torben – (Tor) for short, punchy nicknames. I’m keen to hear your ideas as my brain is fried!

Enjoy a good month ahead, it can only get better!