What’s in the Blurb?

I learned the hard way that the blurb on the back of every book, along with a professional cover, is absolutely critical to capturing reader’s attention.

It needs to summarise the storyline and hook reader’s into wanting to read your story. My first blurb on the back of In the Deep End – Book One was a FAIL! I was too wordy, too smart-arse trying to BE too many things for every conceivable reader. It’s also a good idea to quote a few independent reader’s reviews. After all, nearly everyone who has actually read my books has rated them 4 or 5 Stars. BUT not enough people are reading them! The blurb was the main culprit.

Here is the new blurb:

“An incredibly sensitive and perceptive insight into both female and male emotional psyche. I read it straight through, between laughter and tears.” John Lowe

“Webber is a master storyteller with razor-sharp observations and insights on life. Couldn’t put it down. Gripping to the end!” Karen Bowller

This is Book One in the series, In the Deep End. Set in New Zealand and California, two couples are lifelong friends who move between both countries as two of the protagonists reveal their life-long secret love affair. This riveting romantic suspense explores human nature and challenges convention. A moving family saga which contradicts moral stereotypes and defies love-bonds that should last a lifetime. With unexpected twists and turns, this contemporary romance uses humor and poignancy to challenge forbidden love. Their ordinary domestic lives are in direct contrast to their extraordinary love affair, often captured in well-crafted private emails. These addictive personalities buck social norms as they navigate their way through an emotional tempest that threatens to rupture them all apart.

Continue reading, In the Deep End: Book Two, in the series to maximise your enjoyment of this fascinating contemporary Novel.

Of course, Book Two is under review and will be with the proof  reader soon.  I’m hoping to release in December.

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